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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Revamped tile topped coffee table

Woodsy finishes on coffee tables can be lovely! But in this case, this little table had a troubled finish that needed alot of help. The table had some great features, but I had something else in mind for it.

First, the table recieved a light sanding, then was primed.

The table had a lovely ridge around the edge that offered some interesting opportunities! So the trials began. The varations are still thought out at priming stage to ensure the right finishing colour is used.

The chosen antique white paint goes on! Great care was taken to save all the time worn nooks and crannies to allow for the next step.

Here is one side with the new glaze! Isn't it amazing how the features just pop when a glaze is added? A mid tone was used so the antiquing would have a softer hue.

The tiles were placed without mortar nor grout. The fit was just that perfect! This option allows for an easy change or to simply morph back to a wooden surface. Nothing like a little 'change my mind' option thrown in!

Tile version.

White version. In seconds!

The table colours were chosen to compliment this room. The tile ties in with the darker fireplace, yet the antique white paint lightens the space, pulling in the sofa.

A slight ledge on a coffee table is a fabulous and hard to find option. The lip captures any spilled drinks...

... and makes the most awesome 'Lego capturing' table EVER. :)

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