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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A playroom reveal

There's a 3rd bedroom upstairs that my son and his friends utilize. It's the perfect little room at the end of the hallway for all his treasures, fit for a young Hawaiian, princess or even Santa.

The deep cranberry coloured jutted out feature wall beckons you in, providing an interesting hallway feature.

And what a perfect backdrop for this 3d replica vintage sign happily greeting you at the door!

Covered and see through storage bins keep the toys clean and organized...

... in this floor to ceiling storage system. The unit was left in it's natural pine state for added lightness to the room. Galvanized storage holds nintendo, dressup clothes and superheros. The unit itself diffuses the deep red feature wall, creating the perfect hit of colour and interest for an otherwise neutral colour scheme. All the storage bins wear felt stick on sliders to protect the genuine hardwood flooring.

On the wall opposite the storage area, a random mix of  unmatched pillows (including a couple authentic sandbag covers) flank a wall covered with an old authentic convenience store sign. The sign face really sets the whimsical tone in this room!

The wall beside the daybed holds a colourful mix of musical instruments, ready to toot or strum some happy tunes!

Every hook is different, adding to the eclectic fun.

What better way to display life's proudest moments by finding a couple feet of deep red wall just begging to get into the action!

A glazed empty frame adds just enough importance for this trophy.

Never underestimate the usefullness of a fancy curtain bracket for a mini shelf system.

A true playroom just wouldn't be complete without a special nook for whom you choose to morph into for the day!

Set out for the Christmas open house, even snacks were abundant for hungry musicians at play.

The twin sized daybed was a thrift store find in very rough condition. A little reno work  adding some board and batten treatment on one end and a simple coat of white paint for the base cleaned it up well. The incredibly deep drawers (entire width of bed!)  were coated with black for an interesting contrast.

While the signboard indeed sets the tone for the room, the collection of pillows and red wall actually came first!

Luckily, in the previous room where the sign lived, the faded orange letters were repainted in the same deep red wall tone, then glazed over with the taupe wall colour. A nice big denim pillow tones down the reds and anchors the room with just enough varying interest.

The end result is a casual and fun environment that makes most young visitors (and adults alike) drop to their knees in total delight!

Paint colours - Cloverdale Paint, Canada
red - 43057
taupe - bamboo beach

Storage system and all bins - Ikea

Floors - Costco hardwood

Other decor items
- thrift store finds, sandbags from the hardware store, sign from local gas station boneyard, toys ranging from baby to current so all little visitors have something to play with. :)


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I really like your site. I became a follower! Thank you so much for entering the Get Clean Giveaway on the Thick Decor Chick blog. I am sorry that you did not win. If you have any questions about my products please feel free to call me at 630-262-1007 or go to my website DonahueWellness.MyShaklee.com.

Val said...

I love this room!!!!