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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Master bedroom makeover - shabby chic whites galore

I sooo desired a pretty bedroom! Not being able to find the headboard of my dreams, I knew it was all up to me at that point. It was time to create something out of nothing.

Pretty bare bones to start with. My funds went to the awesome bed so for the longest while this is how it was. For a designer, it nearly mentally ruined me, but it is what it is.

This was my first draft. I wanted something fun and different and I believe I achieved that! But I indeed am a girl and with all the whites of today interiors flaunt, I desired something... white. Hence never finishing this room properly. So instead, I got over the quick fix of yesterday and back to the drawing board I went.

First up: creating a feature wall. I wanted this big bed to have a big statement rather than a smallish standard type headboard and utilizing an entire wall can help! This is a board and batten treatment with a twist. I didn't desire perfectly spaced boards all the same size so I came up with a random pattern that is actually easier on the eyes.

Primer and one coat of paint at this stage. Loving the white!

Do not be afraid. This WILL look great! This is how I figure out how I'll implement something new. Lay it all down together along with my linen inspiration. This was a total exercise in using what you already had. An old door, gate and metal clad siding. Are you ready for something a little different? Here we go!

A sea of white softness awaits you! I chose a monochromatic scheme for total serenity.

An old painter's ladder creates the perfect place for...

... magazines of course! It was a great solution for this smaller bedroom housing a king sized bed. (no room for a side table on that side)

I love how the colours from the previous paint jobs of times past peek out from under the white after a light sanding.

You won't find this bed perfectly made or symetrical. This bed is all about rumpled crumpled comfy bliss. Random pillows (along side a sandbag pillow) create a dreamy escape.

The simple becomes a thing of twinkling beauty. The candlit effect with the clear glass is stunning both by day and night. Candles on a windowsill are also a wonderfully safe option if you have small kids and roaming pets.

Is it funky? Oh yes! But in a soft feminine fun way. The metal clad siding was painted and glazed to achieve the soft hues. The door frame recieved the main wall colour in the room alongside a whitewashed treatment for added softness. This wreath was abit small in scale, however loving the rustic natural texture of it...

... it was changed out to this one. Both actually work, so one can take their pick.

An old weathered tabletop becomes the perfect bed tray. I love the patina of worn woods that wear no stain nor paint. The hues are so naturally soft!

The 'after' in this bedroom speaks of total tranquility in a rustic whimsical nature. And yes, it is girlie to the hilt! In my case it's perfect as I'm the only one that sleeps in this room.

Oh pardon me. So does the cat it seems. :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful transformation! You did a fantastic job ~ I googled white shabby chic bedroom and you popped up. Glad I found your blog!

Nichole~ said...

I WANT YOUR BEDROOM>>> i really want your talent!!! what an awesome way of displaying shabby chic in such an incredibly affordable and creatively attainable way! i am new to your blog, just crept onto it today thru a couple of other blogs (found you in someone's comment box). i think i could literaly spend hours on your site. thank you for sharing your talent, your ideas are a true inspiration.

the astles said...

This looks like a picture from Better Homes and Gardens. Wow you are amazing!

shabby chic furniture said...

You have done really good job. All the thing as well suited at right place. I like most ladder and you bed.

JaniceAileen said...

OMG--this totally ROCKS!!! Love all your fun (and funky) elements to it! Way to go!