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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A kitchen morph

Welcome to my kitchen! A newly well designed, beautiful and functional place to linger.

This is how the kitchen looked when I first moved in. The cupboards were well past their prime. The function of the kitchen was zero with the counter jutting out. One small window and a door was the only natural source of light. So this girl got to work dreaming.

I bought some time by painting everything in sight right away, including countertops! The cupboards were a deep mocha with black drybrushed highlights. Countertops I painted every season for a fresh new look. Much improved, however did nothing to the disfunctional floorplan. I still had my dream at least.

Most older homes have one of these. Love how they boxed the kitchens in back in the day. I was so anxious for more visual room that I had a hole cut out of the wall. Once I found out this wasn't a load bearing wall, I knew I could have my dream plan one day.

Reno day was finally approaching 4 years later, so I allowed my son and his friend to draw all over the old lino floors right before they were ripped out. FUN!

When the wall came tumbling down, it was one of my best days ever. The new expanse of space and light had me loving the before already!

Three windows were installed and the door was removed, where a french door was put in the dining room area instead. The beginnings of the hardwood floors started here too. Note the angle of the flooring in the kitchen area to flow with the angled island position.

Cupboards and new appliances arrive. Another very good day. This stove had one element left working.

And this is what you see today. The entire upstairs is now open floor plan. It's roomy, bright and very functional!

A funky metal top becomes the island topper. I had it designed so we could sit at both sides of it. LOVE it! Metal toppers are workhorses for active families. And they look cool too. :)

A bank of three windows replace the one that use to be.  You can see the entire backyard now.

LOVE the sink with the two different sized tubs. And the purchase of a quality tap set has paid for it self many times over.

All new Bosch appliances. I love them not only for their quality, but also because they're a play of both stainless and black, not just one or the other.

I chose alder cabinets for their timeless appearance as well as how they picked up the stain. Lots of rustic detail shines through.

The cupboard hardware is very rustic, that wears a worn metal appearance which ties in with the island top. The countertop is laminate, however has fooled many, thinking it was granite.

The dining room when I moved in...

... although not yet complete, went to this. We soon realized we never ate there, so it went to...

... finally this. No longer requiring the dining room table to eat from, the space was better used as a kitchen office. And because all the furniture remained the same, the space can still be a functional eating area when desired. An eclectic mix of chairs warms up the space.

A kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms to invest in. Never never stop dreaming.


Sarah said...

Wow, it is gorgeous! We have a similar layout, but I wonder how I can change my colors and such to make a difference for me to enjoy? Thanks for sharing and you are so right, never stop dreaming!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

you did a great job!!!! i love what you did, i can tell that was a lot of hard work. time to enjoy!!! thanks for sharing!