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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kitchen board and batten backsplash

Board and batten is big talk in decor world these days. The treatment is actually small boards widely spaced apart attached direct to drywall, then painted all one colour to simulate a completely boarded up feature wall.  It's price efficient and very effective!

Here is my own kitchen that had no fancy backsplash as yet. I knew I wanted something unique and held off until I came up with the perfect solution!

I had these rustic cedar strips that begged for a new home. So I sanded, primed and painted them up.

Now was the time to do any patchwork that wasn't perfect prior.

The wall recieved a few fresh coats of white paint...

... creating an upscale and price efficient backsplash treatment!

The white and bright board and batten treatment provides a wonderful contrast to the dark countertops, which is important so you don't create that dreaded 'black hole' effect.

As you can see, the white ties in beautifully with the conjoining countertop area.

Board and batten treatments can be used MANY different ways. I'll be showing more examples very soon!

1 comment:

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

THis is fabulous. Glad to see someone else has used board and batten in my search for inspiration for my laundry room! ;)