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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Horsegate coat hook for front entry

Do you have an overstuffed closet with coats falling off the hangers on occasion? We sure do! Our solution was to create a quick hook area by the front door to house the everyday kind of coat wear, leaving the closet coats tucked away nice and neat.

Step 1: Find something to brace the hooks on. Check!

Step 2: A long bench was desired for under the coats. Not a problem!



The horse gate adds such charm and whimsey to the room! One of a kind. All the hooks are ultra functional for a busy front entry.

The long bench allows for plenty of dumping room as well as oodles of out of the way shoe storage.

Hooks don't just have to be installed into drywall. Thinking outside of the box creates one of a kind room features that will make you smile!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I'm so on the look out now for a horse gate!!! Our houses look similar so I'm lovin your ideas!!! Looking forward to following your blog and ideas!!